Obama and the UCC vision of theocracy

John Mark Reynolds asks

In short, for Senator Obama’s chosen church the theological is the political. I can['t jpu], in reading about it, find any reason to separate the two. With Mormonism, traditional Christianity, or with other monotheistic and supernatural faiths (such as mainstream Islam or religious Judaism), there is a realm that is “not of this world” central to the theology. Those required metaphysical beliefs are extremely minimal in Obama’s chosen religious home.

The kingdom of God is not just coming for the UCC, they long to bring it in. Weirdly in a media where the slightest whiff of “theocracy” on the right brings rumbles of worry, this desire to bring Christ’s kingdom to the United States using an ugly blend of socialism and sixties morality causes hardly a worry. Perhaps it is because secularists recognize in it a functionally secular vision tricked out with religious language.

The bottom line is that the UCC has so many positions on matters of government that Senator Obama would need far more than one speech to cover them all. Yet as an adult convert to this church, he owes an explanation of how far he is willing to go to bring Christ’s justice to the city of man using the power of the government. Is Senator Obama a Christian Democrat on the European model? There would be nothing odd about this from a UCC point of view.


It's almost as if Barack Obama found a church that catered to his previously decided viewpoint. Definitely see:
jpu said…
That is perhaps what we all do. However, I hope you find out soon that you are promoting a false hope in a course in miracles. Leave it behind for the good news of Jesus Christ.
God is good

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