Greek Bibles online

I am attempting again to read through the Greek New Testament. A chapter a day should get me through the year. I started in the Pastoral Epistles in December. As someone who likes to read through the Bible a couple times a year, it's good for me to read in slow motion. I use two tools. The NET Bible diglot and Kubo's Lexicon.

It's still cheating but it's more effort than using Bibleworks, which is such a crutch that I never even try to figure out a compound verb. I am in Hebrews right now and it is very humbling.

Sometimes though, one might need to get their Greek New Testament on when they are at work. It's nice to know where the good are. I've used Zhubert before, which is at The Resurgence, but the B-Greek list just pointed to Kata Biblon. Both are really great. For the best cheating away from your tools, I find Misslebrook's notes the best. They are more of a Greek study Bible than anything else. They are so much of a crutch, like software, that I never stretch.


Bruce said…
I've used Zhubert before. I'll have to check out these others now. :-)

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