bike fail

I have excuses but it is still true. I did not ride my bicycle at all to come to work in January. I drove every single day that I came to work. But here are my excuses.
  • The temps were from the arctic
  • Gasoline was cheap
  • The recumbent refused to keep it's line unfrozen
  • The recumbent's tires refused to hold air
  • The wrists hurt after riding the upright Trek, which is why I got a recumbent
  • The snow and ice left very little road for me and the cars to share
  • The state did not make a priority for shoveling off the path over the bridge
  • I've been sick half the month, in fact I didn't go to work for almost half the month

I need to draw a conclusion from these data. It's not that I'm a wimp. I just need a new bike. I think I found one and it is inexpensive. It's upright, but still relaxed, no wrist pressure. Feel free to guess or make suggestions.


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