SIP Yurts- Solargon

Finally, someone thought like I did, that a Yurt made out of SIPs, in a kit form, would be a good idea and they are selling it, Hello Solargon Structures. One additional bonus is that they are using Polyurethane SIPs which are stronger and have a higher R-value per inch than EPS. SIPs are Structural Insulated Panels, which are foam sandwiched between panels, making a wall both strong without beams and insulated without adding pink stuff. EPS is like the stryofoam in coolers and polyurethane is like the foam around your freezer. I love yurts so much that I made it another category label.

Back to Solargon. They don't list prices but when the advertising talks about lifetime costs are much smaller than a conventional home, you know the upfront cost is steep. I love the simplicity of construction. I'm not a handy guy. I'm a measure thrice and cut it 4 times sort of guy. These things just hook together.

I want to give a big fat hat tip to one of my favorite blogs for this lead, the Tiny House Blog. They have pictures as well.


Jennifer said…
We had tried to build a house at one point made out of EPS (see the Sabin Dome). It is a perfect construction material... I only wish we hadn't run out of money and didn't need to sell it as is for someone else to enjoy.

(Thanks for visiting us at Wartime Lifestyle.)
John Umland said…
i've blogged about domes as well. i'm sorry to hear it didn't work out. i'd love to see an epilogue at the sabindome website.
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