How not to evangelize Muslims...

I had never heard of the Acts 17 apologetics ministry to Muslims. They seem to have good ideas. They have a good heart. They have a blog where they like to show videos of their formal debates with Muslims as well as man-on-the-street interviews. I would think, if their agenda is to win people to Christ, then they would accommodate others as much as possible. In this post, they share a video of their attendance and subsequent altercation with security at an Islamic festival in Dearborn, Michigan. I think they let their second citizenship interfere with their primary citizenship.

Indeed, their right to free speech was infringed on. But why fight the battle of their second citizenship, U.S., to lose the war for their first citizenship, heaven? Sadly, it took a Muslim commenter to point out their neglect of common decency and neighborliness. Not a good job my eager brethren. Not good.


Anonymous said…
I found them to be very self-controlled and not at all disrespectful. They were not there to convert. They were there to expose reality, which some folks don't want to accept. They were simply asking basic general questions that deserved to be answered, whether you are a Christian, Muslim, or any other religion.
And if we are to preserve our government, which any objective thinking person would agree is superior, then they should prosecute for assault. If this kind of behavior by the muslims (which is frighteningly more aggressive than, say, the response to Anonymous's actual protests at Scientology events) is allowed to go unchecked by common laws in our country, then we have no justice, and no integrity to demand that any other laws be enforced. Islam is not just a religion, it carries with it the Sharia law system which is not the law of our land. American Christians have a duty to see laws enforced, not out of a desire to be right, but for the protection of all people in our borders, many of whom have escaped from Muslim countries due to persecution. God gave us strength to protect the weak, not to stand by and allow bullies to intimidate and crush those around them. This is not about being liked. It is about doing what is right.
I shudder to think what could have happened to these brave men if the cameras hadn't been on, and this event wasn't on a public street. These are not religious Muslims, they are thugs.
John Umland said…
It's against blog policy to publish anonymous comments, but i made an exception for you. They were there as representatives of an outreach group to Muslims, but they acted as a patriotic sting operation. That's fine, but they should not confuse the two.
God is good

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