December cycling

December biking is the best month for winter biking. When I leave in the morning it's really cold, but I only need to add layers. Doubled socks, long johns on the legs, then a t-shirt, flannel shirt, thick fleece, and an anorak for a wind breaker, head sock, ear muffs, and ski goggles under my helmet, and winter gloves are enough for me to break into a sweat in temperatures under 30 F.A cyclist with a mountain bike gets a workout ...Image via Wikipedia The bike traffic over the narrow bridge path is light, which is very different from the summer. The worst part of winter cycling is ice and snow on the road, but there is hardly any of that in December. The road is dry and clear. The only draw back in December is short day. I either bike in early in the dark to ride home in the twilight or I bike in morning light to bike home in the dark. So in addition to blinking lights I also have a reflective vest and reflective bands on my ankles. Yes I am a little crazy to continue biking, but I'm not as crazy as some of the other guys I pass, like the guy today who was wearing bike shorts. His legs looked a little raw. This year's rides have been in the 20's and low 30's. My coldest ride ever was at 17F. The winds have been pretty high this week. so the I'm sure the wind chill makes it close to that. But I sweat on every ride. It takes me about 30-40 minutes to get to work or get home and I have a 6.5 mile ride. I'm not speedy, but I get my exercise and save gas. Biking seems more strenuous in the cold. When I get home I am really hungry. Maybe I'm having a mini-bonk (glucose crash). I desire a trike when it gets icy. I do ride on the ice when I really shouldn't. The trikes would prevent that, but the ones I like, made by ICE, are too rich for me. There are so many bikes I want. It's good I can't afford them or I would need a bigger garage.
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