Highest hit posts in 2010

I'm disappointed that none of my posts in 2010 made the top 10 in popularity for this year's hits. I am surprised how many people come here to read about bicycles. Only a few posts in 2010 cracked the 100 hits ceiling.
My cinema review of the Book of Eli got the most.
My post on the Binishell, generated a cluster of hits recently, that pushed it over the century mark.
None of my Haiti posts exceeded the 100 level, but collectively, the ones in February, generated many hits, including my trip report from February.

Here are the top 10 hits overall for 2010.
9. Picture of the Electra Royal 8i and my bike crush on it
8. my personally positive experience at Family Life's marriage retreat, A Weekend to Remember
7. Someone else's negative review of the Cruzbike, which I pointed to (but I still want one)
6. the announcement of my new bike
5. a review of my Actionbent recumbent, which is still for sale, email me to buy it
4. a picture of the Gabion house, I still think it's really neat, but I think birds and rodents would love to live in it as well
3. my negative book review of that adolescent vampire romance, Twilight. I figure kids are looking for something to copy for a last minute paper. However, I hope people also read my assertion of plagiary from Burrough's Tarzan and the lies to reject from Twilight regarding love and dating.
2. I am very happy that this one is so high, the explanation I gave to my kids about forgiving sins seventy times seven, which Jesus tells us to do.
Drum roll please
the number 1 post in 2010 was written in 2009, my bike review of the Electra Townie.

Re-reading my blogs hurts some, as my typos are abundant. But I have no motivation to correct them, unless, there were a book deal offered to publish the meandering musings of a born-again husband, dad, pastor, biologist, cyclist, reader who likes alternative houses. Thanks to those of you who drop by.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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