Genocide in the Ukraine

written on the US's recent Thanksgiving day...

today is also the day the people of Ukraine commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the Soviet (Russian-inspired) 1932-33 Terror Famine known in Ukraine as Holodomor (murder by hunger).
About a quarter of Ukraine’s population wiped out: between 7-10 million people are estimated to have died during 1932-33 as a direct result of the Soviet (read: Russian-inspired) policy of Collectivization to suppress free-market agrarian development in the Ukrainian country-side. Children disappeared; cannibalism became rampant. (This was preceded by an earlier artificial famine during 1920-21, which included huge repressions against Ukrainian believers and confiscation of their property, and followed by waves of repressions against the Ukrainian intelligentsia to suppress the language and national aspirations.) Stalin’s plan was implemented by staunch atheist Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich—known as the “Wolf of the Kremlin” and its “architect of fear.” At the same time the famine was raging, the Soviet regime was dumping 1.7 million tons of grain on Western markets. At the height of the Famine, Ukrainian villagers were dying at the rate of:
17 per minute,
1,000 per hour,
25,000 per day....


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