book response: Wait No More by the Rosati's (2011)

Be careful, Wait No More by Kelly and John Rosati is a dangerous book. If you read it, expect your life to be changed. Kelly and John Rosati were a successful childless couple who weren't conceiving and were not worried about it. They made a friend who advocated for children in foster care, in word and deed, fostering and caring for many children herself. Her passion caught on in Kelly who was open to an opportunity to foster an 11 year old girl. Kelly, admittedly clueless, wondered how hard this could be. It was a disaster and extremely humbling to the Rosati's. They were committed to sticking with it, but the child decided she wanted to be with another family. In their trial by fire, they learned about reactive attachment disorder.

Adoption is complicated. It's hard. The Rosati's are up front with some of their horror stories involving their four adoptions. They want families to know, going in, what to expect when they are expecting. They want their readers to know how great the need is, not only in the world but in the United States as well. Although their kids look like they are international adoptees, they are all from Hawaii. Despite all the pain and heartbreak and frustration, which is what natural families experience anyway they feel blessed.
The bottom line was that God had blessed us so much, and we knew that His heart was beating for the orphan children. His heart was beating for these orphan children. All our reasons not to proceed were part selfish, part risk averse, part faithless - even though they all seemed reasonable. Please don't misunderstand, John and I feel strongly that this is what happened with us. It was our personal experience. Not everyone is called to adopt. The Bible makes it clear that we are all called to care for orphans in some way (James 1:27), but we believe that no one should ever pursue adoption without a clear leading from the Lord. p.85
I agree fully, we need to help kids, whose parents can't take care of them. Whether you are Christian or not, it's inhuman to ignore kids in need. If we can't adopt physically, please sponsor a kid or two with World Vision or Compassion. Some of these programs keep the children with their families, but provide them support with hot meals and health care in a schooling environment. One group I saw in person, and support a child with is Mission E4 in Haiti. If you choose Mission E4, tell them I sent you. It's amazing how much impact, trading in a daily DD or SB coffee can do for a child. For more information on foster care and adoption, see the ministry the Rosati's are a part of, I Care About Orphans.

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