Ferrocement house construction

Sometimes I like alternative construction that's a little more conventional, but still better. Ferrocement is pretty neat. It was developed around the same time as reinforced concrete but ferrocement got used for boat hulls and not for buildings as much. Imagine slapping cement on a chainlink fence, but with a form to hold the cement in place until it dries, or a much tighter mesh than the fence.

I first learned about it because one company started doing it, Shelter 2 Home, in Haiti after the earthquake. Apparently they build houses in the states as well, but not so many. Recently, I heard about another company doing the same thing in the states, with seemingly more builds under their belts, Am-Cor Inc. All that steel concerns me in regards to heat convection through the structural beams, but they have some pretty good insulation options. Am-Cor seems to also be DIY friendly as well.

overhead stucco
overhead stucco (Photo credit: velacreations)

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