On Blankenhorn's new direction on gay marriage

David Blankenhorn recently wrote an important editorial in the New York Times, How My View on Gay Marriage Changed. His change of opinion is important because has been arguing in our culture for years the dreadful impact on children of divorce and single parenting and extolling the value of a lasting sole marriage between one man and one woman. He even testified on behalf Prop 8 defenders. But he has concluded that the traditional marriage defenders have lost the framing of the debate. I agree. He still agrees that children are best raised in a marriage of their parents, but the debate has been framed as treating gay citizens as full citizens with equal access to the legal rights only straight couples can attain, except in a few states like my own. He'd rather ally with all marriage proponents to strengthen marriage and keeping his focus on strengthening marriage. He no longer wants to be distracted by this culture war.

I empathize with Blankenhorn. I also empathize with gay people who want to be married. I think downgrading the religious language so that anyone can get a civil union and removing the word "marriage" from the legal books is a middle way. For those who want to elevate their union status to something more spiritual, let them go to a church willing to affirm them. But for those seeking various legal benefits alone, let them get a civil union. I argued this case more thoroughly here in January.
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Joe K said…
Another view point.

John Umland said…
I wouldn't say it's a contrary view, he agrees that legislation is not going to change people's hearts. I hope he reads books like Wesley Hill's which I reviewed last year, http://umbl0g.blogspot.com/2010/12/book-report-washed-and-waiting-by.html
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