counting my blessings - the perseverance of the saints at my job

I have worked at the same location for over 20 years now. I have been part of the weekly Bible study there for nearly half that time. As layoffs come and go, as companies are bought and divisions are sold off, the body of Christ has gathered every week to pray together, learn together, and share our spiritual lives together.

Some have a high school diploma and some have Ph.D.s. Some of us are administrative assistants and some are department managers. I am one of the few white males who usually attends; we are Asians and Africans. Many of us learned English as a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th language. We are Protestant and Catholic. We are male and female. We are new Christians and seasoned disciples. Some of us quit the job to go to seminary. Some took seminary classes in the evenings and kept our day jobs. Some of us are heavily involved in our churches, and for some of us this is our only church. Sometimes one of the local pastors comes to help our study. Sometimes we do it on our own.

We read the Bible. We ask questions about the reading. We attempt to understand what we read. We tell stories about our lives. We pray for each other.

Sometimes we can't make it to the weekly meeting for months. Yet the group perseveres. All are welcome. All questions are taken seriously. All are loved.

The gates of hell have not prevailed at our Bible study at work. For that, I am grateful.


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