counting my blessings - perseverance of the podcasters

In 2014 I embraced podcasts.

Some of them give me hope theologically, usually the anabaptistic chaps, orthodox protestants who are not evangelicals.
The peace Christians.
Brian Zahnd at Word of Life Church
Greg Boyd at Woodland Hills Church
Bruxy Cavey at The Meeting House

The liturgical Christians. 
Nadia Bolz Weber at House for All Sinners and Saints.
The Daily Office

Some preachers are no longer at their churches and I miss their podcasts.
Jonathan Martin at Renovatus Church
Ken Wilson at the Ann Arbor Vineyard, I still listen to his associate pastor though, Donnell Wyche.

Some Christians do not speak for a church but podcast about grace, life, and hardships. They talk with each other, scrap with each other, and talk gracefully to those they disagree with and then learn there is very little to disagree about. They also use language not normal in church, but plenty normal outside of church.
Drunk Ex-Pastors
Bad Christian (Great Savior)

I also like stories.
This American Life
The Moth

I like history.
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
The Civil War: A History Podcast

I like commentary.
Freakonomics Radio
Common Sense with Dan Carlin

I listen to a British podcast called Unbelievable? hosted by a Christian who moderates conversations between Christians and non-Christians usually and sometimes between Christians of different viewpoints as well. Justin Brierly does such a good job moderating that he gets accused of not being much of a Christian, which also means that atheists enjoy his show as well.

One other British podcast I listen to discusses green home construction called House Planning Help.

It's a lot to listen to weekly. But I have a bicycle commute, a dog to walk, cells to culture and mass spectrometers to tend. By these, I am blessed.


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