Freshman racism

That freshman frat boy from a Jesuit prep school caught on tape leading an obnoxiously racist chant? I know him. Not literally. But I was a good kid with black friends who spoke stupid obnoxious racist words around some of my white friends. It's on tape as well. A literal tape from 27 years ago when we made mix tapes and played them on our boom boxes.

Why did I say that stuff? Because doing something shocking, for humor in my case, made me feel brave and cool. Yep, I felt brave saying racial slurs around a few white friends.

The bravery was displayed in violating a social contract. I did it and lightning did not strike me dead.

I don't know how serious the social contract of racism is down in Texas or Oklahoma. I am sure alcohol brought it even less so in the eyes of the beer goggler.

Social contracts are powerful things, even in the church. They are neutral, so can be part of great good and great evil.

The kid on that frat bus who filmed the sing along and shared the video on-line broke a social contract as well. The filmer was part of a closed society, yet betrayed its trust, exposed its wickedness. As a consequence, the university and the nation condemned the fraternity and these kids, two of whom have apologized.

[For what it's worth I apologize as well. I was wrong.]

Those kids were small fish in a big pond. When big fish, with many allies, get called out in small ponds, they are often able to get their version of stories out as alternatives to reality. Since they have generated good will in the past with other fish, the accusers, or exposers are not believed or shamed into silence.

It happens in the church all the time. For whatever reason, the church's social contract seems to be a leader can only be in that position of respect and responsibility if they live God fearing lives, otherwise God would take away their platform. However, when God let's their sin be exposed, the very method of removing a platform, followers resist God's methods. The abused are shouted down.

Jesus said something about people with ears to hear who cannot hear and eyes to see who will not see.

It is disorienting to see our "godly" leaders accused of failure. It is even more disorienting to see the leader's followers attack the person wounded by the leader.

In the frat video we saw a follower attack minorities in general. His judgment was swift.

In the church we've seen leaders abuse followers or wives or children and judgment seems to never come. Why?

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