Only 3 things about God

Here is the provocative assertion by Caleb Miller.
So how do we begin this reconstructive process then? I’ve discussed  the notion that there are only three axiomatic statements made about God in the bible.       
• God is love       
• God is light       
• God is father
There is so much in these thee statements to cogitate on for the rest of my life yet more immediately in this Advent season.

When I am angry or hateful - God is love.
When I fear the darkness - God is light.
When I feel vulnerable and unprotected and in need - God is father.

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world full of loud selfish people and quiet generous people. I want to be someone who is love, light, and parental. I want to advocate for those who lack love, light, and affection. In this Advent season I want to celebrate love, light, and universal siblinghood.


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