Yummy Land Shrimp

update below...
I enjoyed eating some land shrimp tonight from my friend Dave. What? You've never heard of land shrimp? You should read about it at Dave's website and buy some from him. I enjoyed crickets, local cicada, and spiced Mexican grasshoppers. They were dehydrated and yummy. Oh! I also had a silk moth larva. Yes, I have joined the rest of the world in entomophagy. A homeschooler has a great site called eatbug.com for more info. Dave has a blog with some pictures and explanations too. It's called Bugs for Dinner!

I don't have a category for this. I put it in conservation because if we all got our protein from things other than large mammals we'd waste less. Since March I have almost completely dropped out of the meat-eating population and it's going well. I get my protein from seafood and dairy as well as nuts, legumes, and other vegetable sources. I will not be afraid to add bugs to my sources now too!

Update: I now have pictures of my entomophagy!


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