Finding Jesus in Song of Songs 2

Review the text here.
See my previous thoughts on 2:1-3, 4-7, 8-17, .
"Among the thorns" – he wore a crown of such
"Sweet fruit" – Jesus enjoys the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He says we can only bear fruit as we remain in him and none without him.
"Banquet Hall or vineyard" – our conversion
"Two hands" – fully committed to him and not looking backwards with longing to what we left
"Don’t force love" – don’t try to be Billy Graham, be who he made you to be. Finish first grade before moving onto college.
"Through the lattice" – we see imperfectly, but we will see perfectly (1 Corinthians 13)
"Let me see your face" – our plea with Jesus
"Catch the foxes" – if it causes you to sin, cut it off
"Until the dawn arrives" – don’t give up. It may be dark, but it will become light. It may be Friday, but Sunday is coming. This is the season of Lent.

But wait, those are mostly her lines. In this poem, though, she is the pure one. She is the faithful one. Her love is pure. Her life is rough. She initiates the romance. She competes for his affection. It sounds too much like my relationship with Jesus. He loves me despite my poor performance. He loves me despite my slimy, selfish acts. He kept company with whores, drunks, madmen, lepers and taxmen. His love is faithful and pure. He died for love. Will you consent to be loved?


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