Song of Songs 2 sermon

I preached yesterday in my home church, Calvary Chapel Southeastern Connecticut. My text was Song of Songs 2. The audio file is available as well as a picture from our wedding reception in 1994.


Janet Rubin said…
Hey, John, just wanted to say that Dave and I enjoyed the sermon. Dave is really good about most of what you suggested. He'll never write me a poem, but he is always calling me, "Babe," or "gorgeous," or, "beautiful." Yesterday I had a hat on and he said, "Hey you look really cute in that hat." I hear, "I love you" every morning, at the end of every phone call, and right before I go to sleep. It's easy to take it for granted, and I confess that I do, but your sermon reminded me that it's something special not everyone has. And-- argh-- your sermon reminded me that I should be saying nice things too. (ie. hey, babe, I think your tractor's sexy...)
Anyway, good job with a touchy subject!
And, er, nice hair in that wedding photo:) Did you see my blond?

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