Yurt lives

One about constructing a yurt from an inadequate kit, yet having the skills to handle it.

One sustained with rain water, a wood stove, a couple solar panels, a gas grill, a small wind turbine and some batteries in Ontario.


becky said…
Love all your yurt blogs--great information!

BTW, you posted a link to my site in early '08 and I've since updated it with an additional section on "How to Buy a Yurt" which should help your readers avoid sad stories like the one in your linked blog. To find it go to www.yurtinfo.org/howtobuy.php. Also, if your blogger had checked out our forum threads on buying a yurt he would have known to avoid the company he purchased from.

Thanks again for all your the great yurt info you're posting!!

May there be a yurt in your future,

becky kemery
Author of "YURTS: Living in the Round"

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