Obama, NYT and my midrash

Sometimes, blogs are simply a Midrash on the NYT. Here's my contribution today. William Kristol writes in his Opinion piece today.

John Kennedy, to whom Obama is sometimes compared, challenged the American people to acts of citizenship and patriotism. Barack Obama allows us to feel better about ourselves.

This is my observation of the enthused that I know.

Obama likes to say, “we are the change that we seek” and “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Obama’s rhetorical skill makes his candidacy appear almost collective rather than individual. That’s a democratic courtesy on his part, and one flattering to his followers. But the effectual truth of what Obama is saying is that he is the one we’ve been waiting for.
Has the Messiah arrived and is his name Barack?

Barack Obama is an awfully talented politician. But could the American people, by November, decide that for all his impressive qualities, Obama tends too much toward the preening self-regard of Bill Clinton, the patronizing elitism of Al Gore and the haughty liberalism of John Kerry?

Can we, as a nation, afford that haughty liberalism. How will his promise to raise taxes fly in nearr-recession?

It’s fitting that the alternative to Obama will be John McCain. He makes no grand claim to fix our souls. He doesn’t think he’s the one everyone has been waiting for. He’s more proud of his country than of himself. And his patriotism has consisted of deeds more challenging than “speaking out on issues.”

Of course, I like Huckabee over McCain, but I'll choose any pro-life candidate over a pro-abortion candidate, and Obama can't be anymore pro-abortion. Deal with the million innocents sacrificed every year then tell me what other human rights issues you will deal with.


Anonymous said…
JPU, thanks for the post. The abortion issue is very difficult because it is such a bastion of feminist ideology, which the democrats have worshipped as as idol. The feminists have tremendous influence over the democratic party and will not tolerate a pro-life candidate.
Obama fits into this set-up perfectly. As you said in previous posts, he supports outside the womb abortion, which is murder plain and simple.
I can't vote for either McCain or Huck, though I respect both men. I have little respect for Obama and I find Billary terrifying.
Paul was the only candidate that made sense to me; his emphasis on how far we have strayed from the Constitution was sobering and of course rejected by the media and both parties, since none of those entities are big fans of the Constitution.
As far as abortion is concerned, I think the best we can hope for is that it would be returned to the states. Not perfect but it would be better than what we have now.But, like slavery, this is a long war and there will be many battles to come.

In Christ, Dan

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