book report: Samson Occom - marriage sermon

In light of the current debates on the definition of marriage in our country these days, I found Samson Occom's marriage sermon to be refreshing, if we forget his opposition to marrying "down", to Africans that is, but by the pictures in this edition of Love's biography, marrying "up", to whites, seemed frequent enough to make the Brothertown elders in Green Bay, Wisconsin look like my white neighbors today. Regardless, this journal entry of his regards 2 Indians marrying.
When I got up, I spoke to them Some Time upon the nature of Marriage, the Honourableness and Lawfulness of it, whereby we are distinguished from Brutal Creation: Said Some of the first marriage in Eden & of the Marrage where Christ and his Disciples were invited and the Honour he did to it by working the first mericle he wrought in the World in turning water into Wine and then we prayed,... p.251
I enjoy the point that marriage is one way we are distinct from "Brutal Creation." I also enjoy John Piper's proclamation that marriage, which is God's idea, is also God's display of the relationship of Christ and his church.


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