Cyclist pulled over by Traffic Cop!

Groton, CT (UMN*) Dec 5, 2008
"I was so busted," said cyclist John Umland. "I'm coming down this sweet hill to a 5 street intersection, and pass this long line of cars, of which, at the head, was a City of Groton Police SUV waiting at the red light. I don't run this light indiscriminately, I always check. And I didn't think the cop could even see me in my low recumbent or care if he did. But, he cared."

Friday afternoon, an unidentified CIty of Groton Police Officer, pulled over the brazen cyclist. "I asked him if he knew running a red light was not allowed. He got smart with me and claimed he was a pedestrian on two wheels. I reminded him that cyclists have to obey all the rules of the road like any vehicle driver, no exceptions. He seemed humiliated. Plus, he had alot of gray on his beard, so I figure he's old enough to be losing it a little bit, so I let him go."

Umland added later, "Inertia is a precious gift that keeps giving if you don't needlessly stop, especially at the bottom of hills."

Will he start obeying traffic laws? "I know I should. I need additional motivation though. After work, it's like the Tour de Thames for me. How fast can I get home? However, the holiday meals are adding too many pounds. Perhaps if I stopped and started at all signs and lights, I'd burn more calories. God help me."

*UMN = Umland News Service


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