a healthy organization

A friend who blogs at Member Care muses on organizational health and lists these 10 qualities of an ideal organization.
1. Mutual respect among staff
Is this enforceable? It sure would be nice to be respected by everyone at my job but I'm also guilty of not respecting everyone, especially of those who, I perceive, are cheating the system.
2. Fair pay/compensation
My department frequently complains about promotions they don't agree with.
3. Opportunities to make contributions
I think I have that
4. Opportunities for advancement and personal growth
I think I have that, but it really depends on your supervisor
5. Sense of purpose and meaning
This must be hard in retail
6. Management with competence and integrity
Dilbert would not be so popular if this were common
7. Safeguards to protect individuals (staff and customers) from injustice
8. Responsibility for actions: owning mistakes, not blaming others or covering up
Now this is where I only see Christians doing this and not all of them. It also can be expected sometimes from the more mature people on staff
9. Honesty in communication and public disclosures: not slanting the truth or exaggerating
10. Accountability for personal/work life: seeking out feedback and ways to improve, not ignoring or pretending
Mentorship in the workplace can help this, but discipleship in the church can really facilitate this.

Churches are organizations too and they need to aspire to these things as well. They fail because they are full of sinful people at various stages of redemption or perdition. Someday, Jesus will return and set things right.


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