new bike for 2009 and beyond

Behold, the Electra Townie. The Electra website is Flash-based so you have to look in the Townie category for the "7D". It's only a 7 speed. It's a cruiser, so it is stretched out and the handlebars are high. I can stand on the ground while sitting and I will have no pressure on my wrists. I bought the big baskets for the back to do milk runs in. It's at least 35 lbs. if not more. It doesn't have a suspension except for the huge seat and the fat tires. I plan to start February commuting on it tomorrow. I will sell the recumbent. Anyone want an Actionbent Jetstream 2 with understeering? It's 2 years old and needs new tires and a tuneup. I will probably put it on Craigslist sometime this week. Some of the things I've missed that I look forward to again is hands free riding and barefoot riding. My ride will be alot slower than the recumbent but it's fine as I only have a 6.5 mile commute. I bought this last year's beauty from Niantic Bay Bicycles.

Bonus fun: Can you find our cat, Mr. Penguin? He's in both pictures.


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