We have duck eggs

We have 3 ducks. Supposedly, 2 of them are female. They are pets for the kids but I was hoping to get a little more for the investment in feed, hay, and fenced enclosure. The cat controls the mice outside, and, unfortunately, the sparrows. The dog supplements the doorbell and makes too much noise and forces us to take walks year round. The rabbit... eats our left over salad. But the ducks have finally made a contribution. Since we aren't patient enough to wait for 3 more so that we can each have one, my sweetheart hard boiled them so we could divide them up. They were yummy. And every morning a new one appears. That won't get us through a great depression or anything, but it's neat to grow a little more of our own food.


Smart Mom said…
In defense of the rabbit, her litter fertilizes the garden.


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