How do I use Facebook?

It's nice to touch base with people you haven't seen or heard for 20 years. It's nice to see their kids. It's nice to hear what's going on in people's thoughts and lives. But I didn't want to update my "status." Things like "eating breakfast" or "IMing friends" or "enjoying peace and quiet" weren't cutting it for me. It's fine that others are telling their friends that, but it wasn't for me. This is also why I'm not on Twitter yet. But I am on a journey. And I decided to take snapshots of my journey and post them on Facebook. So on my Facebook page I share something that grabbed me from my morning reading in the Bible.

As a family, we are reading, this year, through the New Testament together, one chapter at a time. We aren't reading it straight through. We meander. We'll read one gospel, then one short epistle, one middle epistle, and one long epistle. Eventually, we'll finish the year off with all John, his gospel, his epistles, and then the Apocalypse. Jesus is complicated, and I like posting some of those complicated verses. As Lewis tries to show, he's like a lion. You can't catch him. He has to catch us.

That's not the only thing I do. But that is all I do with my daily status. My blog is linked to my Facebook page, so all my posts show up over there as well. I belong to many groups, so often I will repost something from them or from my friends, especially videos. I have a weakness. So if you "friend" me, only expect to see the Bible in my status. All my readers are welcome to friend me, but let me know you are a reader, or I'll click "ignore."


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