Mac OSX Snow Leopard

I bought Snow Leopard for my computer today. I don't consider myself an early adopter, but I had the day off from work, and the

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upgrade is only 30 bucks. It had several hiccups on installation. A few times it gave me a message saying it couldn't read the disc and that I needed to clean it. I did this a few times. Then when it got to the restart stage of the install, Skype and Adobe updater launched and seemed to interrupt the rest of the installation. So I had to begin the installation all over again. But now I'm online on the new OS. I'm using Safari to write this blog. One of my many griefs with Safari and Blogger is the inability to paste anything into the "Compose" window. Pasting only worked in the "Edit HTML" window. It works now. But I really like Zemanta in Firefox which fetches links and pictures for me. I'll be staying on Firefox for awhile. In fact, I will finish this post in Firefox, but, Snow Leopard is here, and I'm using it.

Is it "snappier?" I don't know. But I can say "it just works."


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