Vacation review: Monadnock region of SW New Hampshire

Climbing Monadnock Mountain, the most-hike mountain in the world is not the only thing to do in the region, but I did like it. See the earlier report. We enjoyed two other opportunities as well, the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge and the Jaffrey cupcake festival.

Last year, when we camped up there, we had talked about going to the Cathedral, but never got around to it. We missed it when it looked like the picture on their home page. In that picture, the trees are growing up among the benches facing the altar and Monadnock Mountain. But in

AUBURN, NH - DECEMBER 14:  A car makes its way...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

December 2008, New Hampshire experienced the worst ice storm in this generation, and they lost many of their trees. So we got to enjoy the new cathedral, and there is nothing to complain about. There is still a gorgeous view of the mountain. And worship can still happen. This place is dedicated to the military, so by necessity, it is interfaith. There are a couple outdoor chapels. This main one has a more low church feel, but there is also a more Catholic outdoor area as well. A Mother's chapel is also set up for those who have lost their offspring to war. This is not a pacifist Cathedral either. Underneath the indoor chapel is a museum dedicated to our service members. There are souvenirs, models, signed letters, medals, photos, poetry, religious symbols and icons, overall, an eclectic collection.

I think this is a fantastic place for quiet reflection and even worship. It was a wonderful place to visit midweek.

Later on that evening we attended the Jaffrey Civic Center annual Cupcake Festival. It's free and open to the public. The cupcakes and beverages, including wine, are free. The competition for best in show is intense. I thought of sending these pictures to one my daily pleasurable visits on the web, Cake Wrecks, but she'll only accept wrecks that are for sale. She really despises CupCake Cakes (CCCs) but I think even she would admit some of these are beauties.

A flock of CC Chickens...

How about an ear of CC Corn? Notice the pat of butter and the cob holders on the ends.

How about some CC Cow meat with fries?

A CC van Gogh!

Can I interest you in a plate of CC pasta with CC "meat" balls and red sauce?

I did not eat any of these competitive entries, but I ate too many of all the other ones. Look at this selection at just one end of the 20 foot table. They should have handed out insulin as well. We enjoyed the live music by a four member bluegrass band. They were really good. Afterwards, we watched a free presentation of Singin in the Rain. Apparently, a local collects older movies on reels, instead of DVD's. It required three reels. We headed back to our camp site after the first reel.

Sadly, this vacation review series is over. I just needed an excuse to post some of the pictures from our trip. I'll have another book review soon. I'm reading about the siege of Leningrad in WW2, by Michael Jones. Summer heat and BBQ's take on different significance when you read about starvation in -25C winter days without heat or electricity and eating wallpaper paste.

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holly said…
I followed here from Cakewrecks. Awesome cupcakes! I love the setting hens one. I was in Maine at the same time, if I'd known, I'd have headed south for a cupcake or two.

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