My concerns about Obamacare

My big one is about tax funded abortions, but that's an easy one to guess from me. My other concern though is about appeals. In my state, when one disagrees with their insurance company or HMO regarding payment for services, one has the option of appealing through a state grievance board, which can and will overrule the coverage provider. When the state becomes the provider, the chances of it ruling against itself are about as rare as this blog getting featured at HuffPo.

My other quip, made on Facebook, is that nationalized healthcare won't solve medical inequalities, just codify them.

For more thoughts, I recommend reading this blog by Frank Beckwith, who teaches philosophy and law.
It seems to me that one should be deeply concerned about this, especially if one has elderly parents. If, let's say, H.R. 3200 or something close to it were to become law and the public option pushes private insurance into near non-existence (as would surely happen with all the incentives in place), then there will no neighboring state to which to run. You won't be able to take your business elsewhere, since there will be no elsewhere. And to whom will you issue your grievance, a special "health court," one likely informed by a youth-worshipping culture and a utilitarian bioethics philosophy that sees the elderly (not to mention, handicapped infants) as burdens that are syphoning away valuable resources that could be put to better use in support of society's "real persons" and more productive contributors?


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