book report: Atheist Delusions by Hart, part 4

This quote from Atheist Delusions by David Bentley Hart is a corollary of his assertion I shared previously that the definition of humanity comes from Christian thought.
I cannot help but wonder, then, what remains behind when Christianity's power over culture recedes? How long can our gentler ethical prejudices - many of which seem to me to be melting away with fair rapidity - persist once the faith that gave them their rationale and meaning has withered away? Love endures all things perhaps, as the apostle says, and is eternal; but, as a cultural reality, even love requires a reason for its preeminence among the virtues, and the mere habit of solicitude for others will not necessarily long survive when that reason is no longer found. If, as I have argued in these pages, the "human" as we now understand it is the positive invention of Christianity, might it not be the case that a culture that has become truly post-Christian will also, ultimately, become postman? p.215

What does a post-human culture look like? Probably like those cultures that have never received the gospel of Jesus Christ or have outright rejected it. It's not nice to name names, but I look at Maoist and Stalinist countries, where the concept of human or individual rights are stripped away for the benefit of the collective. But the collective is usually a euphemism for the ruling elite, much like organized crime. I also think of pagan cultures. They are typically primitive in their technology but their brutality could only be enhanced with technology.

By the way, I encourage everyone to read the dueling essays in the Huffington Post between Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson over atheism in anticipation of their debate documentary. Trailer below for Collision.

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