Breezepods: New Zealand alternative housing

Breezepod learned its stuff from boat manufacturing. Now they can make houses in a mold. I really like model no.2 because it can be elongated as needed. Model no. 1 is a yurt-like dwelling. Although not expandable, they can be connected in a yurt cluster. I like round houses, look at these other posts. Although these homes are small, McMansions are passe. Small is the new big. If you don't believe me, go enjoy the homes at the Tiny House blog. The round, all-in-one kitchen unit in a recent TH post might be perfect in a yurt like this one. Small helps lower expenses such as climate control, taxes, insurance, and construction waste. The performance characteristics of a Breezepod are worth considering for the discerning alternative home buyer.

Unfortunately, the pictures on the site are huge, so I won't post them here, but I encourage a visit.
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