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I like yurts, but here is an example of the round home built intentionally, for the holistic healing of girls rescued from sexual slavery, by a group called Love146.

The founders of this group went to a brothel in SE Asia to see for themselves the monstrosity of the sex industry. Posing as potential customers they were led from room to room to select a girl from the "collection." These girls were watching cartoons with vacant stares. They did not have names, only numbers. No. 146 was different. They figure she was new because she stared back at them with anger and fire. It was for her, #146, that they named their organization. A short video about this history can be watched by clicking here.

This is their philosophy regarding the round home.
The first thing a child needs after being liberated from sexual slavery is a safe place. Love146 is committed to increasing the number of safehomes worldwide for survivors of child sexual exploitation and trafficking.

The Love146 Round Home is uniquely built and designed to facilitate the restoration and holistic health of every child entering its doors. The approach to running the home is attuned to the needs of the exploited and traumatized child, which include both the needs of ordinary children as well as children who have been wounded in many ways, lack hope, are broken, lack opportunities and self-worth. Therefore, the Round Home is characterized by efforts to keep the child safe and well provided for, instill hope, effect healing and restoration, promote growth and development, facilitate the release of potentials, and enable the child to come full circle, liberated from their traumas and sufferings, to realize their innate worth.

Here is a great video about the round home.

Their blog is here.


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