Electra Royal 8i - my latest bike crush

I really like this bike.
Let me tell you why.
  1. I like the step through. It's not a ladies bike to any chauvinists out there.
  2. I like the internal hub. I mess up my derailleurs.
  3. Upright biking posture which takes the pressure off my wrists.
  4. Mud guards for all weather riding that I do.
  5. It comes with lights.
  6. It's less than 1000 bucks.
  7. It's classically styled.
  8. It will get me to work in all weather.
  9. The chain guard keeps the grease off me.
If money were no option I'd go for Scrap Deluxe by Velorbis or Workcycles Secret Service Bike. Good quote about the differences in these European bikes and the Electra knock offs at the Dutch Bike Co. blog.

The Townie is a modern interpretation of a hybrid, aluminum “comfort bike”/cruiser design with some Dutch bike-like features. The Electra’s main ergonomic feature and claim to fame is that it is designed with such a relaxed seat tube angle, that riders can place their feet flat on the ground whilst still in the saddle. This makes for a more secure feeling for inexperienced riders when starting or stopping. Great for riding wheelies though not the best hauler.

For those considering a less-expensive, recreational (i.e., you mostly ride in fair weather and rarely haul groceries/cargo/friends) bike with all the benefits of the Shimano Nexus 8-speed and roller brakes, or for those with adaptive needs or new to cycling, the Electra can meet your needs.


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