book report: Atheist Delusions by Hart, part 6

Here is my penultimate quote selection from Hart's Atheist Delusions. Hart does not try to hide the warts of the church. However, while acknowledging the rotten fruit he also notes the fruit of secularism.
In purely arithmetic terms, one cannot dispute the results. The old order [Christianity-jpu] could generally reckon its victims only in the thousands. But in the new age, the secular state, with all its hitherto unimagined capacities, could pursue its purely earthly ideals and ambitions only if it enjoyed the liberty to kill by the millions. How else could it spread its wings? p.223
As I've noted in previous book reports, atheist regimes in the last century made up for lost time with emphasis in the previous century. See my reports on Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, two big time communists, 20-70MM killed by each of the first two and a small player who still managed to wipe out a million of his own people. I've linked to the numbers a few times here and here, as well as talked about the concept of democide before as well. Hart's assertion of compariative body counts is not new. I linked to a previous assertion before.

Why does anyone think, a different atheist state will behave differently than these already have demonstrated? An imperfect church is never as bad as a totalitarian state, not even close. And that's true on so many levels, spiritual, political, freedoms, etc.
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