Christian rock industry conspiracies

A friend of mine likes to share on Facebook videos of the Christian hair metal we used to listen to 20 years ago. I think all hair metal videos are embarrassing these days but the more egregious part is how much they emulated/imitated/ripped off the sound of secular bands. He posted one video of Iron Maiden's and that of another Christian band that sounded just like them, showing the obvious rip-off.
I responded that I wanted the Maiden sound without the devil worshiping of the other guys. It turns out, they didn't do any devil worshiping. But I didn't find this out for years. I just believed the information fed to me by traveling church authorities who wrote books and gave lectures and played albums backwards to convince kids like me, and our parents, that the rock and roll industry was conspiring with Satan to bring us to hell. Certainly, many bands do sing mostly about the pleasures of the carnal life, but that's not the same as advocating devil worship. And I'm not saying that listening to songs that exult in sex, drugs, and rock and roll without ceasing won't have their effect.
However, I wonder if we weren't punked by the christian music industry. Those companies were making money by finding a market niche and hardening it by driving a wedge that might not have been truthful, nor Christ-like. In fact, did they become, and make us, as un-Christ-like as the music they,wrongly, condemned?
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