who is this generation's Steve Taylor?

Periodically, like this morning on the bike ride, I sing Steve Taylor tunes. Who is Steve Taylor, a

steve_taylorImage by smallritual via Flickr

Christian musician from the 1980's with the ministry of a prophet. He wasn't the kind of prophet who predicted anything, other than 1990, but the kind who held a mirror up to the American evangelical church and asked, "What's wrong with this picture, we do not resemble Jesus at all."

This morning I was singing the song I Just Wanna Know from the album pictured here, On the Fritz, released in 1985! I love the end of the song

Search me, Father, and know my heart
Try me and know my mind
And if there be any wicked way in me
Pull me to the rock that is higher than I

I just wanna know
Am I pulling people closer?
I just wanna be pulling them to you
I just wanna stay angry at the evil
I just wanna be hungry for the true

I want my kids to listen to orthodox, prophetic music. As a bonus, I'd like them to hear original music, that doesn't suffer from sounding "just like ...(insert secular band here)." I want them to have songs on their iPods that inspire them 24 years later.

In my middle school Sunday school class just this past week, I told the kids about another Taylor song that speaks volumes to me, Jesus is for Losers, 1993.

Just as you are
Just a wretch like me
Jesus is for losers
Grace from the blood of a tree

Just as we are
At a total loss
Jesus is for losers
Broken at the foot of the cross

Just as I am
Pass the compass, please
Jesus is for losers
I'm off about a hundred degrees

Just as I am
In a desert crawl
Lord, I'm so thirsty
Take me to the waterfall

Taylor creates through video now. God bless him. But the songs will remain so much longer than the images.

Can anyone recommend to me this Christian generation's Steve Taylor?


Jeremy Dalton said…
For me, it's Casting Crowns. Their songs talk a lot about evangelism and reaching out to the unsaved world. Hence their new album "Until the Whole World Hears".

Also, Todd Agnew. His album "Better Questions" is fantastic.

Shaun Groves' 2001 "Invitation to Eavesdrop" is one of the best Christian albums I've ever heard, lyrically. Although, it's the only one of his that I really go into.

Hope this helps. I am more than willing to drop copies of any of these in the mail to you.

John Umland said…
thanks for the tips. I'll see if the radio station manager can help me.
God is good

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