please don't try to save me

I've been on a 45 year long faith journey. I haven't reached a destination. Most of that path has been on fundamentalist/biblicist path. But there was so much of it I could no longer accept.

Lately, in my version of NaNoWriMo, I've been exploring on this blog, my online public, personal journal, the concept of universalism. I could no longer believe that God is love and would send people to hell for eternity because they never heard of him, nor that he would extinguish the souls of his children for the same reason. I cannot imagine anyone suffering eternally for temporal offenses they did not know they were even committing.

My faith is also not in my Bible but in the God who is love who sent his son to save the world that he loves. I do not think God the Father is pissed all the time and Jesus calmed him down by letting his dad beat the shit out of him for our sins.

I also do not believe my gay friends have an agenda to destroy my family or anyone else's. Nor do I believe God made them gay so that they have to choose between following him or enjoying marital love.

Nor am I making God in my image. I'm a judgmental person, something I want to overcome by God's grace. I think I did see God in that image. Now I want to see the God who is love, and how that changes everything.

I am glad to talk about these things on Facebook, by email, or even face to face, but I'm not interested in arguing about it. My argument is between my current self and my older self. I am not interested at all in going backwards in my faith journey toward fundamentalism, so if you really think I am apostate, and care about me, then pray for me, your enemy, don't argue.

God bless you all.


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