praying for my enemies

Yesterday, I found out one of my kids got ripped off. I was mad at those scam artists. I was frustrated I wasn't there to protect my kid. I felt a lot of feelings. But I only expressed them in one word.


I surprised myself a little bit. Not 10 seconds later Jesus' exhortation to love and bless our enemies comes to mind. I'm now feeling a little guilty, but I'm still mad.

So I prayed.

"Bless those fuckers."

It does not have elegance of the Psalmists who entreat God in the most tender terms to destroy their enemies, but I think it covers the same ground. It was an honest, aspiration prayer. I aspire to be someone who can bless his enemies without feigning a spirituality that denies my emotional state.

I'm sure the grace of Jesus is big enough to cover prayers like that.


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