the widow's husband who never heard

A true story confirmed by someone I know who was on this mission trip.

“For instance, a couple of my friends and I were visiting with a Hindu priest’s wife. She was a widow and the pastor in that town frequently visited her and read her the Bible. The woman was so glad to see us, and very kind and intelligent and knew a lot about Scripture. We shared the gospel with her, and asked her questions about Hinduism. In the end, she didn’t accept Christ, and when asked why, she explained according to her faith in Hinduism. I beamed in pride for her, because somehow I knew that she would come to Christ. I felt it, and I still can’t explain it. I knew she would accept God soon, and I understood that it wasn’t going to be now. Then, out of nowhere, my team leader said [to the pastors with us], “Tell her that her husband is in hell.”

The pastors looked at him in shock. Had I just heard that? “We can’t say that,” they said, and even though it was the truth, such a saying would hurt more than help. Yes, hell needed to be discussed, [and a lot of churches in America neglect that issue] but we were here to be Jesus.” Lacey’s story at Recovering Alumni.

So who is Jesus? What's he like? Does he want that woman to come follow him, knowing that he flushed her husband down to the cesspool of hell? For all of eternity, does Jesus want her to know her husband is being tortured while she sings worship songs to the God of love and justice and holiness?


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