Briefly, John McCain's speech

Unlike Ms. Palin, we already know McCain's story. Unlike Palin, McCain lacks oratorical dynamo. As a result, I fell asleep during his speech. I wasn't inspired. I was annoyed by something though. What's the deal with the protesters at the GOP convention? How is rushing the stage conducive to your point of view? It must be something to rally the other base. Perhaps that was an advantage for Obama's stadium rally, no one would notice or hear or see lone idiots and their ineffective protests. I didn't see Biden's speech, so I can only rank 4 speeches.

4th) McCain
3rd) Obama
2nd) HR Clinton
1st) Palin

I feel the same way about the McCain/Palin ticket that I felt about the Dukakis/Bentsen ticket. Can we elect just the VP?


Joe said…
I'm not sure that would work.

We could elect Mc/P and then, no, we can't do that.

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