voting for 3rd parties

Even though I have a consistent and strident complaint against the Democrats, the support of abortion, I was a registered Democrat since I was able to register. I only recently switched to Independent when I moved to another town. However, it all doesn't matter. I live in Connecticut, which is not a battleground state. Even though it has a Republican governor, and an independent Senator, when it comes to Presidents, I live in blue country. Hence, I have the privilege to vote for independents without fear of ruining the election. I'm currently experiencing election fatigue. I think the press actually does it's job and finds plenty of problems with the candidates. It also ignores problems. But every 4 years I'm left with, who do I dislike least? But then I find myself enticed by the small parties. They get hardly any coverage. I don't know about their warts. I can actually believe they are likable. Some even have a very strong pro-life platform. I find it a relief to participate in our republican democracy without feeling guilty for whatever bums end up ruining the next four years. The third party I vote for never gets the opportunity to do damage. Local politics, where abortion is not an issue, also gives me the opportunity for voting for the Green Party. Perhaps if national politics were returned to local influence things would be much different.


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