any lessons learned from Katrina?

Three and a half years ago I wrote a book report on The Great Deluge by Douglas Brinkley, about the responses of various agencies to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. I encourage anyone concerned about the devastation to read Brinkley's book, or at least some of the quotes I pulled from it. I didn't quote one account in the book about the black residents trying to cross a bridge out of New Orleans into a white suburb and being turned back by the white police officers of that suburb. One of the stories I did quote was the fear of the Red Cross who pulled out of the city when things got rough.

In Haiti, right now, things are getting rough. But I'm wondering if more lives could be saved if the planes bringing in aid and leaving empty would leave with Haitian families and bring them to the nations around Haiti, from the US to Venezuela as well as European and African nations, especially the French speaking ones. For example, Canada is working on legislation to fast-track Haitian immigration in response to the earthquake. Brilliant I say.

Thousands left New Orleans to safety and security in surrounding states. Not all returned. Isn't the short term social discord of rapid immigrant influx better than letting thousands unnecessarily die in Port-au-Prince?
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