Heading down to Haiti

The day of my 40th birthday this weekend, I got a ticket and a spot on a relief team to Haiti with Mission E4. They have a few locations away from Port-au-Prince closer to the epicenter of the earthquake. They have an orphanage in Leogane, and the building is not safe. They were there when the earthquake struck. Leogane is 80-90% destroyed. They started treating injured people. They have a small clinic on the orphanage property. It became an ER.

I'll be helping prepare the property to be used as a refugee camp. The team I'm part of consists of doctors, surgical techs, EMTs, and pastors. I am representing my church, Calvary Chapel of Southeastern Ct., as a missions pastor. As my day job is a biologist, I will probably be slinging cinder blocks. Afterward, my job will be to help organize subsequent trips. As Mission E4's website shows, right now they need medical supplies. Here is their list. They need cash. We need prayer. Haiti needs prayer. I'll be leaving on February 6th.

There are many good places to send your money. I did through Samaritan's Purse.

Mark Driscoll released this hour and a half long video today about his trip in Haiti with James McDonald. They started an organization called Churches Helping Churches. They are planning on helping Haitian pastors and their churches. The last 45 minutes of the video wrecked me.


Eric said…
Great to hear you're going to be able to get down to Haiti, John. I'll be praying for you and the team, and I look forward to hearing about your experience when you return.

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