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Calvary Chapel of Old Bridge, NJ sent a team in overland from the Dominican Republic last week. They are in the southwestern coastal town of Jacmel. But their docs need lots of equipment. Please pray. They hooked up with an American missionary in Jacmel. They are feeding people and hoping for more tents to hand out.

Back in Port-au-Prince, the Livesay family's rented house held up in the earthquake and has become a field hospital, where people are saved and lost. They tell of an amazing story that made me cry of walking by faith and God providing. They were able to get some people on the US hospital ship even before the medics got set up, even before anyone knew where they would set up. but they are realizing that big NGO's take care of each other and are not sharing with the little NGO's like them. The politics are discouraging. Please pray for them and for the Lord to provide for them. Like many, they are getting supplies from the Dominican Republic.

Pray. Pray. Pray.
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