audiobook report: Lincoln, a biography by P.B. Kunhardt

This biography of Lincoln was a great one to listen to with the kids on Route 80 through Pennsylvania. It's not a critical biography, but a smitten biography. Kunhardt's admiration of Lincoln is apparent in every paragraph. Apparently, the book contains abundant photographs, which we didn't partake of in the audio format. The audio version is abridged, so perhaps criticism can be found in the text. It's history is equivalent to a middle school level, where mostly mountaintops and endearing anecdotes serve the purpose of the author. Warts were excised. He did cover Mary's spiritualism and Lincoln's move toward a more orthodox faith. He doesn't mention one of Lincoln's earlier solutions to freed slaves, shipping them back to Africa. We learn a great deal about life before the presidency. This was a wonderful listen and I'm sure a wonderful read, just not one to base your college paper's on.

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