top 10 blog posts of the week Oct 28, 2007

I suspect my shared feeds at the top of blog are under-utilized. Half my readers don't visit anyway. So here are my favorites for this week.

1-Maryland's 2nd place finisher in the solar decathalon, as reported at Inhabitat which leads with
The second place winner of this year’s Solar Decathlon is the University of Maryland’s Leaf House, which is, as the name would imply, green, naturally inspired, and modular to boot. When designing the zero energy home, the student team drew inspiration from the simple, yet vastly complex leaf. The abode boasts every sustainable system from the obvious high-tech solar panels to a liquid desiccant waterfall to control humidity, grey water recycling, green wall, and even a plug to charge an electric car.
In my opinion, the" liquid desiccant waterfall to control humidity" is way beyond cool (bad pun, I'm sorry).

2-Ben Witherington, who reappears at the bottom of this list shares his sermon, LOST—THE PARABLES, NOT THE TV SHOW— Lk. 15.1-10. It's long, aren't all sermons (?) but the  borrowed anecdote at the end by Fred Craddock is a wonderful picture of paying it forward. How his father had given an illegitimate, outcast child a sense of purpose, God's purpose, which changed that boy's life and the life of his state.

3-Fred Sanders's short biography, at Scriptorium Daily, of R.A. Torrey, the man who filled Moody's shoes after the latter's passing is powerful.
Bonus: Another great short biography on Francis Asbury can be read at the Acton Institute Powerblog.

4-A new blog to me, by a young pastor I met at the family wedding I attended last weekend, Eli Dorman, writes at Invite ONE Evangelism, a great post on reclaiming vision in the older mainline church. His post this week is the Essential Mission.

5-Christianity Today shares results of a survey of 750 Christians who left Islam and their reasons for leaving Islam. What are they? Incarnational living by Christian neighbors, demonic deliverance, dissatisfaction with Islam, and visions and dreams from or about Jesus. These are in addition to the good news of forgiveness, the conviction of truth found in the Bible, and the life of love lived by Jesus. As always, government repression and persecution from family also turn out to be incentives. See Stand to Reason's take.

6-A few bloggers higher up the food chain than I endorsed Mike Huckabee this week. Two I read are the Evangelical Outpost and Between Two Worlds. So does the Evangelical Ecologist. I threw my hat in the ring with Huck back before the Iowa straw poll.

7-New-crete! A concrete mixture that can take a nail to hang a picture, at Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture.

8-A better world through better windows posted at Eco-geek. Unfortunately, the window's owners have an awful website.

9-Mark Galli's editorial at Christianity Today exhorts mature disciples who are bored with the pastor to stop whining and start serving.

10-Ben Witherington strikes again with a fantastic post on life in the New Covenant. Why do most Christians not worry about Sabbath keeping, eating blood pudding, circumcision or bizarre religious uncleanliness, because we are in a New Covenant that may overlap and resembles an Old Covenant but negates all those rules that were peculiar to a people before Christ. Ben explains it all briefly in Cutting a Covenant, and when Covenant People can't Cut it. By the way, Ben is a seminary professor, not an average blogger such as myself.

If you don't subscribe to the shared feeds or visit its page I hope you find time for a few of these top 10.


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