Two Knuckleheads

First a little history. Here is John Umland, curator of the Umbl0g (check out that hair), and I, Geoff Gordon, your guest blogger, in our freshman dorm room circa 1989. Coupla dudes chillin' out. We thought we were living large with that sweet black and white tv and yard-sale fish tank. We named the fish, Dennis, and made sport of publicly berating him. Poor Dennis. John and I grew up going to church together but at this point in our spiritual development we were pretty stinking lost. A frequent - and delusional - saying between us at the time was: "Man, if we weren't Christians we'd be getting all the girls." It was a convenient excuse for our lack of romantic accumen. The Jungle, as our dorm was called, was indeed a wilderness experience for us. I'll let John fill you in on the gory details. Fortunately, God, as is his habit, did not leave us there. Eventually we dealt with our unresolved conversion issues and experienced the blessings God intended from our Christian upbringing. Since that time, John and I have given significant parts of our lives to Christian ministry. I was called to work with InterVarsity and bring the Gospel to knuckleheads like us who find themselves lost on a college campus. It is quite a mission field. I guess I'll blog about that.


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