morning bicycle crash

Compared to my last bike crash story, which was on a "normal" bike, I find the recumbent a great bike to fall off. I suffered from the bane of all two wheelers, the car that needs to turn in front of you and can't wait for you to pass. A red Volvo wagon and I were coming down a hill which abruptly bends to the left unless one turns into the business driveway on the right. The added complication was the light rain falling that made the road really slippery but hadn't wetted my tire rims. Hence, when I applied my brakes, they gripped really well but the tire couldn't get a grip. I fish tailed and almost recovered. God made sure the commercial truck driver behind me paid attention and he slowed to a stop as he watched my fall. As I mentioned though, the drop is small because I'm already close to the ground. I scraped my right knee but landed on the left side, the side without gears and chain. So I was able to get the chain back on the front ring, determine that the bike and I had no more damage and resume my ride.

The weirdest thing about this morning, is that I left the house thinking on our mortality and how God only gives us the moment for our lives. The rest of the family is on a field trip today. I kissed them all good-bye and told each one I loved them as I do every day for that very reason. There are no guarantees that we will see each other again this side of heaven. I was still thinking on it as I prayed the Lord's Prayer, asking God for His will to be done and to give us enough bread for today. I'm glad His will preserved me this morning.
Lessons learned:
The road is slippery when wet.
Drivers don't want to wait for cyclists.
Drivers will watch cyclists have accidents.
Recumbent bikes are good for crashes.
God is good to me.

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Janet Rubin said…
good lessons. we enjoyed our field trip. praying for your house...glad you survived.

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