Hindu ‘Festival’ Aims at Christians

i read about this Hindu festival at Dan Edelen's blog first. He read it at a born-again Indian's blog. And today i saw it atGospel For Asia.

The summary?
"Christians in the Dangs district of Gujarat are considering whether to evacuate in advance of a major gathering of Hindu extremist groups. The Shabri Kumb festival, to be held Feb. 11-13, could attract a half-million Hindus chanting the slogan, 'Arise Oh Hindus! Throw out the Christians!'"
""Hindu homes are being marked with yellow flags," he explained, "leaving the small population of Christians extremely vulnerable to attack — as many already have been.

"The anti-Christian extremists are doing it to make a statement to the rest of India that this pattern of re-conversion can be used across the nation. This is the pattern they used for the persecution of Muslims a few years ago."

Chandrakant is optimistic, "Could these nationalist groups ever get success ? They have got there reconversion programme during 11-13 February and have deployed 500,000 nationalists to see the job done ! Let us wait & watch who wins : power of the gospel or power of the nationalism!"

But Gospel for Asia says, ""Christians in the West must resolve to pray and fast," he said. "The situation is urgent; Christians all over India are in peril. In just the past few days we have received reports of our native missionaries being beaten and church meetings attacked in two other Indian states. Another of our missionaries was recently kidnapped. Unfortunately, this happens almost daily, and the pace is increasing. The fanatics are becoming bolder and bolder."


Dan Edelen said…
Thank you for the link to my post at Cerulean Sanctum and for highlighting this critical need.


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