RNB: clash of islamic sects a reality

interesting article at the Religion News Blog by a Muslim for the Gulf News.

There are also the fundamentalists in Islam, who sow the seeds of violence throughout the Islamic region. Their terrorist acts are a shame. They greatly endanger the Islamic image in the world and they stand in the way of the Muslims regaining their civilised stance around the globe.

No matter what form the clashes take, the result is one: loss of human resources, loss of funds, exhausting the nation, further dividing it and weakening it on the development and constructional levels.

It is impossible to get out of this very dark tunnel with the ongoing clashes. For if the Islamic world is unable to be at peace internally, how will it live in peace and harmony with the other civilisations?

Before we head towards the dialogue of civilisations, our wise men have to rearrange and tidy up our Islamic house before it crashes down as a result of excessive internal violence.

There has to be a sincere internal initiative to conduct a political and spiritual dialogue between the different groups, sects, leadership and political capitals all around the Islamic world.

It is also high time for the moderate silent majority to regain its control over its destiny and decide their future in a peaceful and democratic manner, away from fundamentalism and violence and refusing the other.

Dr Abdul Khaleq Abdullah is professor of political science at UAE University, Al Ain.


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